Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Xwalker?

Xwalker is a website owned by Xwalker Corp. This website features the tax free deals on various product categories. You can search for the deals in your neighbourhood by specifying your location.

2. How does Xwalker work?

 Xwalker gives you a wide variety of products and categories to choose from. To buy any product you will have to buy an XisCard associated with that product. XisCard can be bought online by making payments through credit/debit card. Once bought, XisCard can be used at the store to purchase the products. It is that simple!

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3. Can I buy products directly from

No. Alternatively, you can search products from various categories across the stores in your neighbourhood.  

4. What benefits does Xwalker provide if anyways I have to visit the store to buy products?

1. Xwalker helps you to find the right products in your locality which ultimately reduces your effort.

2. When a product is bought in a store using XisCard then you get the tax benefits as you don’t have to pay taxes for the products that you buy. Also, you may get additional discounts from the store if that store is offering some discounts to the Xwalker customers.  

5. Do I need to sign up to browse the products on Xwalker?

Not at all, you can browse the products without signing up with us. But you will be asked to sign up if you want to make any purchases.

6. Can I browse products from some other city in USA?

Yes. You can browse the products across USA by specifying the appropriate location. You can also gift the XisCard to a person living in any corner of USA.

7. I read the product description but still have few queries. Who can I contact?

You can directly contact the store. Store contact details will be available on the product details page.

8. How can I buy an XisCard if I like a product?

Just click on “Buy Now”, select an XisCard and make the payment.

9. Can I buy XisCard for the desired amount?

No. XisCards will be available in various denominations. You will have to select one from the available list.

10. Can I use the XisCard in any stores listed on Xwalker?

No. XisCards are store specific. If you buy an XisCard for a particular store then it should be redeemed at the same store or at any other branch of that store upon the discretion of the merchant. But it cannot be redeemed at any other merchant’s store.

11. What will the validity of the XisCard?

An XisCard will be valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

12. How will I receive my XisCard?

Once payment is done you will receive the details to access the XisCard on the email address that you have shared with Xwalker.

13. Can I apply for refund if I change my mind after purchasing the XisCard?

Yes, you can apply for refund if you have not redeemed the XisCard yet.

14. Can I apply for refund after buying the product from the store?

In that case you will not get any refunds from Xwalker. You will have to contact the store. Procedure will be followed as per the store policy and Xwalker will not be liable for such cases.

15. What if I forgot to redeem the XisCard and the date of expiry has reached?

Xwalker will automatically trigger the refund process after xyz days from the date of expiry.

16. How will I get my money back?

After the refund request is approved and processed money will be credited on your Credit/Debit card.

17. Can I gift an XisCard to someone else?

Yes, you can. While checkout select a gifting option and mention the email address of the person to whom you want to gift this XisCard.

18. What if I have an XisCard for a store and that store closes down?

You will be able to redeem the XisCard in any other branch of that store or you will automatically get a refund after xyz days from expiry of that XisCard.

19. May I exchange an XisCard I buy on Xwalker for a different XisCard?

At this time we do not offer replacements or exchanges. Please request refund for unused XisCard and buy another XisCard.

20. Do I need to use my XisCard the same day I buy it?

Not necessarily. There will be a time period within which you have to use the XisCard. Time period will be mentioned with the certificate.

21. Can I refer my friends to Xwalker?

Unfortunately we do not have any referral program at the moment but we always encourage our customers to spread a word about the products they like. They can also “Like” a product which will appear on their Facebook timeline.

22. Can I change the name of the person who can use the XisCard?

Unfortunately, you cannot. We do not provide a provision to do that. The person who bought the XisCard can only use it.

23. Is sales tax charged on the XisCards?

No sales tax will be charged to you. All the XisCards on the are tax free.

24. Can I buy multiple XisCards from Xwalker?

You can buy multiple XisCards of same denominations but not from different denominations in one transaction. Nevertheless, you can make multiple transactions.

25. Do I need to print my XisCard?

At Xwalker we discourage the use of paper. You can redeem the XisCard by showing it on smartphone or a tablet.

26. I forgot my password, what should I do?

Click ‘Log In’ on the right corner of the page and then send a request for new password by clicking ‘Forgot Your Password’. We will send you a link to reset your password instantly. 

27. How do I change my personal and contact details on Xwalker?

You can change your details under “My Account” on

28. I am concerned about the privacy of my personal information I share with Xwalker.

Xwalker maintains complete confidentiality and privacy of the data that you share with us. You can know more about our privacy policy at privacy policy.

29. Can I recommend a merchant who could have a presence on

Yes, you can email us with your suggestions on Xwalker email address.

30. Where can I register a complaint or submit a feedback?

You can email us on Xwalker email address.

31. I am a merchant and would like to partner with Xwalker. How can I do that?

We welcome merchants to partner with us. Give us a chance to know you by filling out this form.